Flowerfields (period March – May)

Did you know that the largest area of flower fields lay between Alkmaar and Den Helder?

The flower fields in Holland originated in the South of Holland, specifically between Lisse and Hillegom. That is still referred to as the flower bulb region. The current flower bulb region has shifted to an area in the North of Holland! The bulb counters wanted to expand their business and moved to the North of Holland, where there was more space and land available. Along the north coast of North Holland are extensive flower fields to be seen.

From the middle of March till the middle of May, the fields blossom into one large sea of flowers. It starts in March with the crocus season. Then the daffodils and hyacinths bloom and last but not least, the tulips blossom from the middle of April till early May. The tulips are their most beautiful at the end of April.

The long spring times and chilly nights, make the Netherlands a perfect location for tulip farming. The polders are constantly drained, creating ideal circumstances for flower bulbs.