Off to the beach

It’s wonderful how close the beach is to Alkmaar! Making Alkmaar a perfect location to visit the different local beaches by car, bus, scooter or bike.

The closest beach is Egmond aan Zee, but the beaches Bergen aan Zee, Schoorl and Castricum are also easily accessible.

There are numerous restaurants and beach bars along the coastline, including the ones literally on the beach, along with the surfing possibilities and the beautiful nature in the area. The dunes in Schoorl stretch for miles, and are absolutely beautiful. The beaches in Schoorl are quite isolated since they are not accessible by car, only by foot or bike. Lot’s of reasons to spend an afternoon, day or evening gazing at the sea!

Enjoy the coast on a warm day, catch some fresh air on a windy morning or admire a gorgeous sunset! All recommendable!