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On one of the designer’s latest trips, she visited the beautiful Puglia area in Italy, a delight and sight in every single way. With her Renaissance and Baroque gates, 17th century Palazzo Ducale and sandy colored Basilica di San Martino, to the roaring Piazza Plebiscito, the city of Martina Franca left a great impression on her. Whenever autumn or winter gets to her, she lets her mind wander the narrow streets of this old town, and relives the late night dinners at the Piazza, with the most refined, fresh and local dishes served on beautiful tableware. It inspired her to create the Franca bowl – made of new bone porcelain and accompanying you and your loved ones for every cosy dinner. It’s imperfectly shaped and beats the ordinary – so leave behind the conventional and discover these uniquely shaped bowls, while creating new stories and planning your next trip – whether that’s to Martina Franca or anywhere else in the world you’d love to see.

New bone Porcelain

16.6 * 14.5 * 7.5 CM