L9 – Darin Knit Dress


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Heerlijk zachte knitted recht vallende comfortabele jurk tot op de kuit in een warme naturel/bruine kleur. De jurk even een hoge kol die aan de achterkant open valt en heeft twee splitten onder aan beide zijden.

Composition: 50% Nylon,33% Wool,17% Acrylic
Fit:     Classic fit    Mid calf  Long sleeve

LOUNGE NINE is a gender free fashion brand with an eye for detail, custom-made fitting and a season fluid approach. The timeless and minimalistic collection taps into a reality where consumers don’t want to be pigeonholed. They want to be their true selves.

Lounge Nine brings unique styles that are exclusive, yet affordable – effortless, yet fashion-stating. Custom-made fitting makes it possible for everyone to wear this gender free brand. 

Besides, Lounge Nine offers a more sustainable and season fluid take on today’s fashion. The prints, cuts and colors are more long-lasting, and the materials responsible and durable.




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