The sand dunes in Schoorl, roughly 9 km from the city center of Alkmaar, are a paradise for ‘mountain biking’ nature lovers. The sand dunes are situated between the forest and beach like area’s. The Heather plants are unique. Almost never are these found in the dunes. In the area around ‘De Kerf’, new dunes and pits are created by the dusting (blowing by the wind) of the sand.

In 1996, a mountain bike route in Schoorl was created along the most beautiful spots in the dunes. When you begin at the official starting point in the South East corner of the dunes in Schoorl, the trail will lead you through a variety of dune forests. The route has different height ranges, allowing for wicked inclines and challenging descents.

The route can be followed and stopped at certain starting points. Making it possible to shorten the route and further your journey along a bike path.

Renting a mountainbike can be arranged at:

Off Road Centre Schoorl
Duinweg 10
1871 AB Schoorl
Tel: 072-5823304