In our LUTTIK coffee bar you can enjoy coffee, tea, lunch or a pastry, daily between 9 – 6 pm. We don’t have a set menu, so check out our chalkboard to see our specials.

Relax, catch up, work, play a game or recover from a day in Alkmaar…in our LUTTIK coffee bar!

Everything in our bright, beautiful coffee bar is for sale!

From the coffee beans we use for our in house blend of coffee, to our tea’s (from Boot Koffie), the lamps, the benches (from the Dutch furniture design company Ginger) to the dishware (from Urban Nature Culture). Even the aprons that we wear (from Uashmama), and the tea towels (from Urban Nature Culture) we use, all of it is for sale in our concept store.

The Coffee

Our house blend of coffee is Brazil Santos Espresso. The taste is best described as licorice, with blueberries and caramel. But we, as coffee lovers and connoisseurs, just find it to be a delicious full bodied coffee.

The Brazil Santos Espresso originates from Brazil. Santos is the port city where most coffee beans from Brazil are exported to Europe. Full of character, passion and challenging are a few of the traits of the Brazil Santos Espresso.  A full bodied taste sensation in your coffee cup. The Brazil Santos comes from the coffee farmer, Tarcízio, who for decina’s has worked on building his plantation Fazenda Sao Francisco da Bella Vista. This plantation, situated at 1100 meters high, is in Mantiqueira de Minas, close to Carmo de Minas in Minas Gerais.

The Brazilian beans are imported by the Dutch company Boot Koffie. Boot Koffie’s mission statement is to make people happy with the taste of coffee while advertising the name of the coffee farmer so as to help create worthy living conditions on the plantation. Boot Koffie pays the coffee farmers in developing countries a fair price for their beans.

In the LUTTIK coffee bar you can, of course, purchase the Brazil Santos Espresso beans!